goodBye myLovers, goodBye myFriends!!

GoodBye my lovers!, GoodBye my friends,
Did you heard this before!!!.
how hard is to say GoodBye, but, sometimes it is also hard to have this feeling, feeling of injustice, yes, many times or maybe just recently in the last couple of years, I had really to just disappear!, yes, I never done this before, but now I had to, every day you grow up and you get associated with many relations and connections and you feel you’re a very tiny node connected to many nodes and trees and you’ve been associated away or another into a kind of relation with someone who is ‘different’ than you, yes, you try to ‘accept’ him all the ways, and he tries too, but sometimes you just cannot go on, you choose to say Bye!, just to keep those good memories and not to lose him at all.

When I read what I’m just typing I feel it is not me, sick!! Lol, no!.

Maybe you cannot imagine what I’m trying to say right now, but maybe one day you will take my glass and see the world I see.

At this point, I really need to say one word to all those people I left behind, to all the good friends and the people I passed by during this short period of life, “please forgive me, and know I will never be able to forget you, and that’s why I wrote this message for you,”

Maybe we will meet again one day!, Wish you all the best, God bless you .