Mohamed Shehata, a visual designer and a classic developer around 39 years old, entrepreneur, cofounder, a father, concerned about user-experiences, creatives, product and strategies. I grew up and live in Egypt to a large extent. I’ve been working early before my graduation and since the end of the nineties in the field of design, it was one of my best hobbies at this time beside programming.


I’ve worked permanently as a full-timer in companies like
ISIS, InfoArab, EMEA, Wameed, ICS-Corp, B&P, OTS (Unifonic), Mazeed, F16Apps, Eventtus, Vodafone International Services, and DataStars.

My working experience were in the field of designing user experiences and solutions in areas such as, e-Learning and RIA, Dynamic and interactive design platforms, Designing software, apps and website interfaces in general, Branding and basic 3D modeling, General Knowledge and Security applications, Interactive reading experiences applications, Strategies Management Applications, Committee Management and Analytical interactive Dashboards.

Below are some logos for companies and clients or projects I’ve participated in during my journey…


Joining and managing startups and managing different teams, formulating the needed Vision and Strategy to operate the work and create culture and harmony, change management, dealing wisely the available resources and managing cash-flow, understanding and utilizing the difference applications of the human resources functions, developing and updating internal procedures & tools continuously to enhance the day to day work and sync with market dynamics, applying design elements and user experiences throughout the entire organization.