"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere " - Carl Sagan

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Technology | تقنية

Talking about new stuff, innovation and science ...

Islamic | اسلامى

Islam is my religion, and it is not evil, and it is not what you see on TV, do you want to know about it, try some stuff here ...

Safsata :) | صفصتة واى كلام

Safsata ! The Ba bla talking, a friend once told me that I'm 'Sofosta2y', it means I can talk a-lot but I don't say anything on the end ! :o)

Tutorials | دروس

Some quick tutorials or articles about useful things

Flash & AS | فلاش و أكشنز

Flash and/or ActionScript stuff

Anasheed | أناشيد

Collection of Anasheed or Islamic Songs a.k.a

myStuff | حاجاتى

Personal stuff I guess :-)

Videos | فيديوهات

Some videos to share :-)

Xara | زارا

Tutorials, tips and tricks for Xara or XaraXtream, the vector program

Funny | فكاهى

Funny things and articles found online or by me

Classic ASP | الكلاسيك ASP

Some codes, tips and tricks for the classic ASP 3.0

Jobs | شغل

A list of available or open vacancies and opportunities

Graphcis & Design | رسوم

Articles realted to graphics and design

HTML & SEO | هتمل

Articles related to HTML language and SEO techniques.

Downloads | تحميل

Find download links for useful stuff.

Mobiles | الهواتف

Things related to mobiles, Windows Mobile, Andriod and iPhone

kelma-w-nos | كلمة-و-نص

A short descriptive articles or phrase

Portfolio | التصميمات

Some of my design projects and artwork ...

My Sketches & Doodles | رسوماتى

Some of my sketches and doodles ...

Vectors | رسوم الموجهات

A group of vector related files and articles


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