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Hi there

Everyone have used Microsoft Expression since a while is familiar with this issue, yes, the thumbnail view is not working anymore and just showing the default icon for jpeg, gif and any other graphic format instead of showing the thumbnail image.
I had this problem since long time, and since I have no time to find out a solution for the issue or to fix it I lived with it by using Explorer to view thumbnail and to copy file names to Expression Web, I even need always to Refresh the Insert Picture dialogue on Microsoft Expression to reload the new images inserted on the current selected folder.
I thought I’m the only who is suffering this issue, as a graphic designer the thumbnail view is my default view for folders that has graphics on it, this is rapidly help creating the HTML document and building up the CSS, but just couple of days ago before writing this article, I felt paralyzed with using double screen to copy filenames or to check thumbnail preview image on explorer, then I decided to do search on the internet, maybe someone has found a solution for it.
After couple of search I found results like …
But I discovered that I’m not the only one who have this issue, and the issue still remain on Expression-Web2 not fixed, and no solution found till this moment as the last post was in June 2009.
Then I decided to take the challenge on somehow, give it a time, try again to find out the reason, Expression Web was fine in the first couple of days I used, I tried to trace files by Expression Web and Registry keys, after couple of hours I found it and I screamed “yessssss! thank’s God, finally“, but the solution require some critical steps to be done, and unfortunate Expression Web overwrite it every time the application closed or launched, and that’s why I made this automated Expression Web Thumbnail fix that you have to run every time you run your Expression Web to apply the fix routine.
What you should do is the following steps.
  • Run your Expression Web and the Fixer a.k.a Expression Web Thumbnail fixer.
  • Open the Website you liked but DO NOT open any document or page from Folder List.
  • Now switch to your Fixer and hit ‘fix expression thumbnails’
  • Now switch back to Expression Web, open any page, try inserting picture, thumbnails should be working now ISA :-).

Download Expression Thumbnail Fixer

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