Top Android Phones to buy from 1 to 10K EGP in 2021

Good day, was doing a quick research to upgrade my Android mobile phone and found a lot of videos on YouTube that show some comparison, the following is actually an extracted data-table that you can use directly to validate your choice, also will reference on the best videos I used to build the following chart, I believe this is maybe vary from one to another, and also according to the time, I know this post will be obsolete in a while so beware to this factor.

Top economic Android mobile phones in 2021

Original Video, recommendation from 1 to 10K, The Evil Reviewer 🙂 (in Arabic).

Ahmed Ebrahim, The Evil\Good Reviewer

The recommendation table

Price range in Ks EGPRecommended #1 Recommended #2 Not Recommended
1K to 2KNokia 2.4Redmi 9CRedmi 9C, Redmi 9A, Realme C11, Samsung A02
2K to 3K Nokia 3.4Poco M3, Oppo A15Oppo A15s, Samsung A12
3K to 4K Poco X3Samsung A32Redmi Note 9T
4K to 5K Mi 10T LitePoco X3 ProSamsung A52, Reno5 4G, Redmi Note 10
5K to 6K Samsung A52Reno5 4GReno5 4G, Redmi Note 10 Pro
6K to 7+K Poco F3Reno5 5G, One Plus 8T,
Realme GT, Redmi K40 pro
The recommendation table sorted by range