I missed the FlashCamp in Egypt yesterday! :-S.

I got this call from Mohamed Braish, the great artiest, he invited me to attend this nice seminar ‘FlashCamp‘ and which discuss topics related to Flash, and Flash development, AIR and FLEX and/or other products of Adobe, I heard it is a well ornagnized event, I liked really to attend but couldn’t wakeup at time because it was too early for me to wakeup on 7:00AM and reach the New Cairo the location of the seminar in short time.

Lucky I went through the event website which is flashcampegypt.com and really liked the agenda, I noticed that I personally know two of the event speakers.

Maybe I can download the videos if they published it somewhere to share.

You can read short summary about the event on Masrawy

Flash Camp Egypt is the most prestegious Adobe User Groups event in Egypt for 2009. Organized by , and hosted by the

( update 31-october, 2009) Photos from the FlashCamp can be founded here