That’s why I like the gmail !

I’m new to gmail, did not have the desire to have one email account first time we heard about the Free 1 Gbyte mail propaganda from google, Now my company using gmail interface for the company mailbox, and which give me the opportunity to see the gmail in action for the first time.

As a designer, it’s looks too simple, very efficient, very fast, organized and optimized enough, integerated with other services like integerating gtalk chat web-based on the page, all looks great, 

It dosn’t have much links really like other well known free mail providers out there, and the most beautiful thing, it has a Basic Html version for low/expensive connection, which i liked alot, although other mails has a similar option, but not optimized like this one, and it is hard to reach, but during the loading you find that unique link on the page to switch to the Basic HTML mode.

great job google.