Download logos directly, site hack

Was searching for .eps or .ai logos and the search in google came up with website which has a good coloction really of logos and vector files, but the issue that the site is tricky and add some links on search resule to search database for similar names or keywords beside the download link which is too tiny also to find, and when you find it, download link takes you to preview & details first, and then to Captua verification check, then finally to the download page which you have to say on around 60 second to show the download link …that was really teasing me!!, so i tried to find if there is a way to stop or finish that timer or to find the hidden link directly, I openned the page source and found the javascript counter which was easy to figure out,

How to download directly

There are a simple way to download the logo from directly … if you notice it in your search result you need just to copy the following download page address and pass the logo-id parameter to it and the browser will prompet you to save the zip file or whatever directly …

Change the xxxx to whatever logo ID, example below,

Hover on the logo you like and chek the status bar, copy the image ID from the link shown to the URL, check the next picture
Check status bar, copy logo id

Copy the logo ID from the status bar to the direct download URL and here we go :-)
Copy the logo ID to the URL attached on the top and click go/press enter.

The javascript code for whom it’s may concern 🙂 …

var c = 0;
     var _timer = setInterval(function() {
     if(c>0) {
	   if (document.getElementById("dl")) {
		 ocument.getElementById("dl").innerHTML = "Please wait "
                 + c +' sec';
		 c = c - 60;
		 } else {
			 document.getElementById("dl").innerHTML = 
                         Download logo";

good luck 🙂