Unlock your Windows Mobile Without Touch Screen

كيف تفتح الشاشة الحماية ليندوز موبايل بدون اللمس

Salam Alikum & Hello there, suddenly my touch-screen stopped responding to touch and when I made a hard-rest I forced to align screen again, but I found the way to bypass this, now the issue is that accidentally I touched the lock button and then I could not unlock the phone because it is require touch to hold the slider and move it to the left or the right direction,… There are number of solutions to do in this case, and the best is to use Remote mobile application to control your mobile from your computer.

Microsoft made a package called “Windows Mobile Developer Power Toys” too long years ago and which has a sub-application called “ActiveSync Remote Display”, the desire application to control your mobile remotely, unfortunate this application require some manual process to copy some certain files to your Windows directory on the mobile and to be able to connect, you still can use it, but there are even better & easier tool called “MyMobiler” and it is free, I recommend you to download it and use it anyway, even if you do not have a problem with touch, you can really use this application to type messages and handle activity on the mobile directly from your computer using the regular mouse instead of the touch or the desktop keyboard to type things

Simply go to www.mymobiler.com and download the free application, make sure your mobile connected to your pc using active-sync, setup the application and it will detect the phone and automatically install the client-application on it and you will get the popup from the tray icons says, “Mobile connected”, then you can click to display the mobile screen on your desktop application, now slide the unlock tab to unlock your phone screen.

You may adjust the lock-settings and add a password to avoid the bug in windows-mobile 6.5 of the unlock slider and the lake of screen touch.

 MyMobiler Tray Icon, Click to launch ...

كيف تفتح الشاشة الحماية ليندوز موبايل بدون اللمس

Home after unlocking the screen السلام عليكم ورحمة الله
فجأه وانا بستخدم موبايلى، شاشة اللمس توقفت و اضطريت للتعامل معة بدون لمس، وعندما حدث مشكلة ضبظ و تحديد الشاشة تعاملت معها  لكن المشكلة الان عندما قمت بعمل أغلاق للجهاز عن طريق الضغط على زر اغلاق الشاشة “لوك” بدون قصد ولم استطع فتح هذا الغلق لان فتحة يتطلب لمس الشاشة وتحريك السلايدر او المنزلق فى احدى الاتجاهين
هناك كذا حل لهذه المشكلة و لعل افضلها استخدام برنامج للتحكم فى الهاتف عن طريق الحاسوب كلاتى

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