she7ata’sBlogs!, not just another wordpress or joomla site!.

Salam Alikom  ,,,
No wonder how useful are those free blogs we see nowadays, and how really flexible those free ready-to-use systems like WordPress or whatever.
They do everything, they are html/css compliance, very customizable, optimized for SEO and much more. They made the internet more readable a good appealing look and feel, yes, i remember early on 1999 there were nothing in hand but using FrontPage or Notepad to create a decent static html page and upload it online, the internet on that time was too ugly because either graphcis was too poor in that time, also the static page and duplicateting pages is very hard, css wasn’t that common, heavy java applets are used to display animation instead of Flash like nowadays, no standard for coding or layouting, Blogs and open source application made the internet much better really.

The reason i made and developed my own blogs, first I felt I did not like to use any of those free stuff, I really liked them a lot, and I was wondering if I’m being able to help any of them one day to do anything, but it’s seems they are done everything already for the current release, however, I took the time and started to plan my own simple she7ata’sBlogs, lol, yes, this isn’t a WordPress or Google blogs, it is my own simple Access/ASP3.0-yet-blogs!.

I took advantage of my knowledge of the classic ASP and database structure design and plan, and started to illustrate my needs for my blogs, and I’ve really integrated some new features that are not on any blogs yet, one of those majour features is displaying Arabic and English topics and articles on the same time and view, the ability to read recent blogs through other flash component considered but not developed yet!.

Truly have enjoyed doing this and still, although I do not have muc time and was thinking that returning back to classic ASP is waste of time, however, classic ASP still a good taste for me, sometimes feels it’s faster, easy to figure out than the, and the most beautiful thing, it is supported by my decent hosting and any Windows hosting also, never get error on pool_hosting, lol, never will generate error because of different dot-net-framework ! .
I loved the current version of she7ataBlogs with the original theme which has been also created from ground up with pure simple web2.0 layout, html4.01/css. I guess I still have this issue with Purple, Orange, SkyBlue and Crimson. 

I tried to apply a real url-rewriting techniques to enhance the site SEO, as you may noticed in this site article’s urls, that wasn’t that easy, if you want to implement URL rewriting on classic ASP please read on my article URL rewriting on Classic ASP 3.0 without IIS Configurations.

Maybe I can release a free opensource version soon, but need some enhancement as the administration-or the CMS not finished yet!.

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